👉Embark on an unforgettable camel ride through Marrakech's palm groves with our "Dunes et Palmiers" enchanting adventure. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing atmosphere of the desert, amidst majestic palm trees and breathtaking landscapes. Let your faithful companion guide you through the golden dunes, feeling the gentle breeze and soothing rustle of the palm trees. This unique experience offers an authentic perspective of the Moroccan desert, where every step of the camel brings you closer to the mystical magic of Marrakech. Experience a peaceful adventure that transports you to another world, where desert and palm groves harmoniously blend to create unforgettable memories. Soak in the picturesque experience of a camel ride through the palm groves. Explore charming traditional Berber villages and immerse yourself in their rich culture. Forge authentic connections by meeting locals and experiencing their warm hospitality. Don traditional Saharan attire for unforgettable memories and capture exceptional moments with memorable photos. Indulge in Moroccan mint tea, a refreshing break offered by our attentive staff. Duration 1 hour Program Pick-up at your accommodation time by a professional driver in a comfortable vehicle. 👉After a warm welcome, the guide provides you with a scarf and traditional clothing. Camel ride circuit with two main stops (for tea and photos) Drop-off 📍Included Tea, olives, olive oil, and honey presented by a local Moroccan family